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Blackrock (PvP)
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Welcome to the Execution homepage!

We are a newly formed horde guild on the Blackrock server focused on PVP and minor PVE content. We are recruiting all levels and classes for rated battlegrounds, normal battlegrounds, all arena brackets, and 5/10 man PVE content. Casual players are also welcome to come join the fun.

Our founding members have been playing since vanilla wow and are all experienced PVE and PVP pla
yers. We are all experienced at playing several classes and are willing to help new players gain skill and acquire gear, help low level characters level up, run old content, and group up for daily quests.

We have future plans for 10 man raids after we acquire a few more skilled raiders. We are also recruiting experienced raid/class leaders and RBG leaders.
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Ventrill Server Coming Soon!!

Shayra, Feb 3, 13 10:09 PM.


DarkAkuma, Sep 29, 11 3:45 PM.
I'll get the news kicked off by saying welcome, and I wish you guys the best of luck on building up your guild. This site is very new, so its content, features and members may not all be here right away, so please be patient.

Onto the first news of the guild...

Shayra has scheduled battlegrounds for this Friday the 30th starting at 12pm noon, and as I understand Tuesdays will likely be a regularly scheduled guild day for PvP content.
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Primary Focus:
Characters for level 90 PvP.

Secondary Focus:

Building a playerbase for 10m PvE raids.

General Recruitment:
All classes, specs and levels while we build our roster.

Special Attention:

Experienced tank/raid leader for 10 man PvE content.

(Many class leader spots are available to experienced players.

Any role particularly specified will not be taken lightly, and applicants will be reviewed thoroughly.
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